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From corporate Branded Mobile Applications to Your unique mobile app idea, Ebunch have experience to handle it all. Serving clients in the Vancouver area as well as multiple international brands by developing mobile application solutions providing exceptional service and expertise. 


Looking for full service mobile app development in Vancouver? EBunch provides a range of iOs and Android mobile application development services.  EBunch can assist customers starting with design to user interface and full mobile application development, from scratch to launch. Alternatively, an experienced EBunch mobile apps developers can work with an existing mobile app team, complementing an existing project or team to create a truly first class mobile application experience.

EBunch uses the latest mobile application technologies that allow customers to interact with users. On the back-end, EBunch provides server creation and management, user account management, data integration, and push notifications that engage the user with the app. On the front-end, EBunch’s services include data caching, mock ups and wire-framing, user interface design and development, full stabilization testing, deployment and app maintenance. All services insure the application meets the customer’s expectations and drives business.

Native Apps

Apps that are known to world as mobile applications, ones that you access through the mobile app stores. 

Web Apps

Apps that run through mobile browser and if user like can install them to their phone. 

Hybrid Apps

They are mix of both Native and Web apps, user can avail the features on browser as well as mobile app stores

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Cross-platform Development 

EBunch only hires developers with world-class experience in Java, Objective-C and Swift programing languages for iOs and Android application development. EBunch’s programming compliance and updates with  Apple App Store allow our clients for effortless app marketing. EBunch’s Java developers provide all application certifications required for listing and marketing in Google Play, or other third party Android app stores. .

Secured testing environment for your Mobile Application

Ebunch uses tools that allow visualizing content in terms of mobile app architecture, to which we’ll make changes within your team before it goes live. Also, you have access to a secured staging or testing environment of your app which is hosted on our servers during the process of your creation.

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