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Programmatic utilizes

Programmatic utilizes behavioral intent when targeting online users. In essence these are users who are actively looking for your products and or services. It works in 4 major areas, all of which will be incorporated into your campaign.


In a perfect world all your potential clients know all about your company, and would not dream of going to a competitor.  However even if they do come to your site there is no guarantee they will make a decision there and then on your site, and if they don’t retargeting of those users ensures that they do not forget about you when it comes to making those all-important purchasing decisions.

Geo Fencing

Would you let a competitor stand inside your store ringing a bell or screaming at the top of their voice to leave your store and go to theirs? … Of course not. Yet in a way this is what geo fencing does.

​Tell us the names of your top 10 competitors and we will put a virtual fence around them so that when someone physically goes into their store we can target them on their mobile phone, when they are online


Everyone wants to be at the top of google searches for their keywords, but it is a simple fact of life that this is not a reality for most.  With the number of results for most products and services being in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions how can you stand out?  Of course Google AdWords (SEM) is one prime way of doing this, and we are happy to help you, but another way is through programmatic and the search element.

As users perform searches across the web, we collect the associated data. Based on search keywords, we show your ad to those who have performed searches relevant to your brand – no matter where they are on the web.

It does not matter if the user has never heard of your company, if they have the intent and are searching for products and services that you offer. We can reach them.


We show your ad to those who are reading about topics relevant to your products and services.

As an example if you are a hotel in Vancouver and someone is reading an article about Tourism in Vancouver we will show them your ad.

All 4 of the above components make up programmatic, and whilst the above may seem scary it is a fact of modern digital business, and we can cater for people with most budgets. In this digital age you have the choice of either being the person with the bell, or the owner wishing they had a way to stop you from taking their market share. 

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