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Our E-Commerce Approach and Strategies

It doesn’t matter what eComm Platform you use.

90% of eCommerce platforms are exactly the same. Platforms don’t decide if your business will grow or stay stagnant. They simply provide a vehicle to host your catalog, take orders, and showcase your brand.

Redesigns are rarely worth the investment & risk.

Redesigns are based on a single hypothesis from a group of people (your agency). They make assumptions about what they think will look, flow, and work better. After 5 months of work, and $100,000 of resources, you cross your fingers and hope that it converts visitors into customers. Hope isn’t a strategy.

Performance and Brand Experience are mutually exclusive.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, performance improves user experience as it leads to faster load times & less hurdles for the customer. In turn, these improvements elevate the brand. Performance enhancements won’t weaken your brand experience.

Cash allocation determines your rate of growth

Two businesses that start with the same amount of cash can have varying levels of success & growth. It all depends on where they choose to invest their resources. The statement “you have to spend money to make money” only works with the caveat “you have to spend money in the right places to make money.”

It’s supposed to look good everywhere.

Mobile is not an add-on service. It is part of the full experience. When you stop talking about mobile as a separate entity – you will begin to create one unified brand.

You don't need to automate everything

Nobody wants to do the manual work, we get it. However, sometimes automations can lead to more problems, expenses, and time wasted. Some things are just better done by real people. This expense can improve your bottom line.

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