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Data Driven Marketing

Time that your audience spend on your video, matters, it’s the meaningful time.True measure of a video campaign’s success is measured with views and time and we calculate both.

Serve Your Brand

Two formulas for EBunch to serve their clients is transparency and brand safety. We serve you with bi-weekly reports with complete breakdown of spend and data.

Connect With Your Audience

Now you can reach your valuable audience at the right moment with right message. Our campaigns are relevant and create one to one connection between your brand and audience

Programmatic Features & Benefits

Connect Intelligently

EBunch provides a unique and flexible solution to anyone seeking a hands-on approach to their digital media strategy. It does this using:

  • Best-in-class partnerships
  • A proprietary, machine learning algorithm
  • Industry leading brand safety and fraud protection practices
  • Cross-platform technology
  • Informative analytics and data


Our in-house programmatic experts work on the platform’s proprietary algorithm every day. This is key to campaign optimization.

It is proven that campaign performance increases 10-15% when our algorithm is turned on.


EBunch’s Contextual Scanner is always on. Verifying content to match IAB brand safety measures so you know your ads only appear in brand safe environments.


What We Do Pre-Campaign, In-Flight and Post-Campaign

  • Minimize bot fraud, human click farms & iFraming units
  • Traffic, Content Scoring & IP Filtering
  • Global & industry wide advertiser whitelists/blacklists
  • Fully integrated with comScore vCE
  • Compatible with Nielsen OCR and Integral Ad Science

Use one-to-one messaging to connect with your audience across screens including desktop, mobile, tablet, audio, and CTV.


Access real-time campaign analytics so you can track and optimize on the go.

Get insights into dozens of metrics!
Customize your analytics dashboard to only see the metrics important to you. Through the EBunch you can access proprietary consumer vertical data, third party behavioural and b2b data and you can connect to the Data Management Platform of your choice.


We can adapt to assist you in using the ad format that best serves your campaign. Everything from the display, audio and video, on social and everywhere else in the digital world.

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