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Our Proximity Marketing

Beacons or ibeacons are an inventive and cost-efficient way of proximity marketing.
The beacons have a range of 200 meters and are an amazing way of making consumers aware of you and your company.

Ways proximity marketing can be utilized

Offering coupons and discounts

Improving awareness of happy hours

Promoting events

Alerts for open houses

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As an example, a pizza store can use beacons to promote their discounts and coupons to people walking by in a 200-meter area.

The user interface is exceptionally easy to use and allows for messages to be changed at will by the beacon holder.

Anyone who uses android phones can be reached in this method, and unlike most other forms of marketing your message can be changed within minutes, making people aware of a happy hour starting or an open house in the neighbourhood.

Anyone who signs up to our beacons program will be given their own beacon and access to their own user interface for that beacon.

Imagine being a realtor who can use the beacon between 2-4pm at their open house, and then target potential clients and increase brand awareness by targeting people whilst walking their dog or at a local restaurant.

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